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STEM knows the problems of industry professionals who seek to have appropriate instrumentation for each process. Aware of this, the technical department, researches, designs and develops new tools, some of our own production as:


  • Hot Spatulas
  • Conservation Photocabinet ©
  • Electrical and hydraulic Easel
  • Cabinets with passive climate control
  • Lifting platforms

STEM maintains partnership relations with universities, engineering companies and prestigious companies such as Hamamatsu, Equiro or JP Selecta, to contribute to the market with new applications that seek to provide solutions to unresolved issues so far, which we highlight:

  • Systems of analysis and inspection of art works
  • Microclimate generators
  • Conservation Photocabinet ©: low temperature and humidity controlled cabinet to preserve photographic materials
  • Anoxia treatment equipment with inert gases

In STEM we develop our own products and instruments controlling every detail to maintain a high level of quality, and using the latest technology.

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